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Mike, Cora and Joseph in Quito

Where do you draw the line?

Was made by 3 recent uni-graduate friends.
Producers Cora Fern and Mike Smith, and Director Joseph Wordsworth.
All 3 grew up in Bristol and went off to Ecuador on a self-funded mission having saved up for a year after reading a newspaper article in The Guardian.
‘How hard can it be to make a film?’ As they soon found out, very. They had no formal experience of film making and learned everything along the way.
Looking through the footage it became clear that they had captured a snapshot of a global issue with lasting implications for us all. Recognising the importance of the subject matter Daddy G suggested he might be interested in helping raise awareness – he recorded his voiceover in between tours having become committed to the project.
Released with the intention of raising awareness and educating, this film will be ut online for free.
In return for putting the film online for free, we ask viewers and supporters to share the film and help us promote it through world of mouth and sharing links on social media.

WordSmith productions is a small team specialising in environmental documentary films and shorts.
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